[[Character Creation]]


Please roll up your Character Stats in this format:

Roll 3 D6, and total the values. Do this SEVEN times. Drop the lowest value, and you will have your six stats. Assign them to the attributes you wish. You should both have access to the 3.5 DnD book on your Googledocs to help you build your characters. If you want, you can tell me what character you want to play and where you want your stats and I can do a basic setup for you which you can then alter.

Roll up three different stat blocks (different characters). The first will be for the primary starting character, the 2nd will be for the initial alternate character, and the 3rd will be for your first backup / second alternate. ALL races and classes are playable.

All your characters will be able to be used for different missions. With certain missions you might be able to bring along two different characters, depending on the severity and need of the mission/quest.

[[Character Creation]]

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