The "Family"


Multiple player characters will allow you to have one or more characters out on a mission, while others are at home-base doing mundane tasks that may not have mundane results.

A wizard left behind might be researching a new spell. Perhaps they are processing minerals and plants found earlier in order to create spell components that can be sold at the market. A warrior not being used may be set out on patrol to ensure the safety of allied subjects and businesses, bolstering the view the public has of your little “Family”. Maybe a thief is out gathering information and simply watching the market to identify merchant soldiers, and to see which vendors they harass.

Eventually, a character, or group of characters, will acquire enough treasure and goods to require storage, investment, or even refining of said goods. Perhaps they may want to hire a group of guards to protect the warehouse, or a thief to trap their personal home. A mage hireling would be useful for scrying on rival faction leaders. As your little “Family” grows, you’ll find that employing races and classes you’re not interested in playing will be useful to have around.

How you obtain their services is up to you. Do you rescue a Elvish Druid who was strung up as a heretic? Or do you allow the druid to burn to death, raise the corpse from the dead, and then make them work off their debt to you? Your family, your choice.

The "Family"

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